Resources and Waste Advisory Group is a UK registered company founded in 2009 by four small environmental companies/organisations, Wasteaware (UK), Green Partners (Romania), Regional Environmental Center (Bulgaria) and EPC-Koc (Bulgaria). As of January 2014 we have welcomed one more partner company into the Group, CDM Engineering (Ukraine).

Andrew Whiteman

Is a policy and strategy specialist in resources and waste management. He has experience in over 40 countries worldwide, working at the forefront of global innovation in the sector.

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Borislav Mourdzhev

Over thirteen years of experience in environmental sector projects with main focus on waste management. His core field of expertise is in waste management planning and development of environmental infrastructure.

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Reka Soos

Is an environmental economist specialising in environmental infrastructure projects, especially waste management, climate change and energy efficiency.

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Nikola Doychinov

Is a waste management engineer and transaction advisor with deep experience in policy, planning, public private partnership, investment and operation of waste management facilities and services.

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Daniel Aspleaf

Is a business development and project management expert with experience in, large scale, multi-national projects in both the public and private sectors in various industries. Daniel has extensive experience across Eastern Europe.

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Ciprian Popovici
Social and environmental

Specialises in environmental sociology and impact assessments according to IFI performance standards. He has extensive experience in Eastern Europe and former soviet countries where he carried out resettlement and livelihood restoration.

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Sonya Yankova
Economics and finance

Is a leading financial expert on development of environmental infrastructure, with extensive experience in cost estimates for municipal solid waste facilities, cost-benefit analyses, financial management and accounting.

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Cosmin Briciu
Waste management

Is an environmental management expert specialising in the field of waste and resources. He has co-authored international publications on operator models for integrated sustainable waste management.

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Brian McCarthy
Integrated Waste Management

Is an integrated wastes management specialist with international experience in wastes and resources management strategies, policies, technologies and infrastructure. An experienced field practitioner in systems design, commissioning and operation

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Flaviu Petean
Social and financial

Is a socio-economist with expertise in social impact assessment, stakeholder engagement, economic modelling for investments and operations in waste management, energy efficiency and other environmental sectors.

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Flaviu Pop
Planning and engineering

Is an engineer involved in the waste management field in Eastern Europe. He is specialised in process flows and demand assessment for facilities and equipment taking into account cost-efficiency considerations.

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Cristina Rus
Environmental and social assessment

Is an ESIA expert working on environmental and social assessments for investment and modernization projects in a variety of industrial sectors.

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Diana Gheorghiu
Environmental and Health & Safety

Is an environmental specialist with an interest and expertise in risk analysis and safety engineering, integrated environmental, quality, occupational health and safety and social accountability management systems.

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Michael J Cowing
Waste management & capacity building (p)

Specializes in pragmatic waste management and environmental protection for developing, post-conflict and disaster relief situations. He has worked for numerous organisations.

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Peter Faircloth
Policy economics (p)

Is a policy economist and part time RWA advisor with 35 years experience in the resources and waste management sector globally. He specialises in financial and economic analysis of policies, programs and projects.

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Kristina Doychinova
Project coordinator

Is a skilled and professional project coordinator with extensive experience and ability to multitask. Coordination of complex and challenging projects, provide project team with highest level of approach in order to deliver the best possible response.

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Mark Whiteman
Company secretary

Is responsible for RWAs accounting and financial management. With a strong background in business and marketing, Mark tracks and manages the financial health of RWAs business, and responds to client and supplier financial-related needs.

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